Podcast for February 5th 2005. Available to download here.

It is official now (no longer a rumor): T-Mobile MDA IV Pocket PC phone is coming!

Vodafone VPA IV – the first Pocket PC phone for UMTS (3G with WCDMA radio interface) – coming soon  

HP’s hw6500: size, details, more pics!

how to over clock your mac mini

released a new Digital Video camera

Creative DiVi CAM 316 All-in-One Digital Wonder

new music store next week

My Coke music.com


Magnet Networks are to offer FTTP here in Dublin

Magnet Networks homepage

[email protected]

8mb/s broadband comming to Australia, 20Mb/s soon!

MSN Search launched, update to Desktop Search

Review of the Playstation Portable

Mac mini Accessories

5% of Irish people suffering from mobile-Phone Radiation

Apple updates PowerBooks

The M Sorter

HowTo- turn your mac mini into a media center

how to- put a PC into a mac mini case

SMS to Skype