Right. i know 1.0 hasent been fully released yet, but work on 2 will start soon. i think 1.0 will never be really fully finished, but 2.0 may be finished. it will be written in VB.net, will use the mozilla control, probably 1.4 or what ever the latest one will be when i start, and it will be 1.1 framework under Visual Studio 2003. the thing is that the packages will be quite big. think about this: Microsoft .NET Framework will be about 22mb, the mozilla control is about 6 or 8 and then the rest. so the first download will probably be close to 30mb. thats a big browser. but that being said, if you have the .net framework, it will be smaller by about 22meg. cool. so ill post more news later. i have posted this to my forum here.