Sorry for not talking about this yesterday, but i haven been busy with lots of stuff, and life just got in the way of blogging. Yesterday morning at 8.50, London was hit by 4 bombs. 3 on the Tube and 1 on a Bus. 37 people where killed, and many injured. my thoughs are with the families of thouse who where injured and killed. There are lots of links to difference places with news.

<a class=tsh href=””>Massive hunt for London bombers </a>

<a class=shl href=””><font color=#002c99>Commuters heading back to London </font></a>

<a class=shl href=””><font color=#002c99>Bombings ‘cannot stop G8 deals’ </font></a>

<a class=bodl href=””><font color=#002c99>In detail: What happened</font></a>

<font color=#002c99>London blasts in pictures</font>

<a id=r-5_1099848334 href=””><font color=#0000cc>London Subway System, Buses Resume Services After Bomb Attacks</font></a>

And anything on google news with London in it.

Again, my thoughs are with those of you who have been effected.