Sorry for not talking about this yesterday, but i haven been busy with lots of stuff, and life just got in the way of blogging. Yesterday morning at 8.50, London was hit by 4 bombs. 3 on the Tube and 1 on a Bus. 37 people where killed, and many injured. my thoughs are with the families of thouse who where injured and killed. There are lots of links to difference places with news.

Massive hunt for London bombers

<font color=#002c99>Commuters heading back to London </font>

<font color=#002c99>Bombings ‘cannot stop G8 deals’ </font>

<font color=#002c99>In detail: What happened</font>

<font color=#002c99>London blasts in pictures</font>

<a id=r-5_1099848334 href=””><font color=#0000cc>London Subway System, Buses Resume Services After Bomb Attacks</font></a>

And anything on google news with London in it.

Again, my thoughs are with those of you who have been effected.