Right. this is mad. i updated my router with a new copy of its bios or firmware and now i cant access my sites from INSIDE the network. weird. i can type in its internal ip address, and get a connection, but only one or 2 of my sites allow me in that way. i have tried connect though a different proxy, and it dident work. im using Squid as my proxy and im using NTL’s proxy servers for caching too. weird that it doesent work. in other news, i had my machine up for 2 hours last night. thats the most i have had it up so far. its probably been up that long in the last 5 days! so i can use it for testing and stuff. im going to get get some of that silver paste stuff on friday and see if there is a cool down on the system. im then going to get my fans, either next week or the week after.