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</b>How cool is this… and it’s not even released yet :-)</a> </td>

Author: Cory Smith 

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The number of sites running Windows Server 2003 has overtaken</p>

Solaris 9, in spite of the fact that Windows Server 2003 does not </em>


launch </a>until later on this</p>

month. </em>


Solaris 9 launched in May 2002. However, Sun seems to take</p>

relaxed view about envangelising new operating system versions; even

www.sun.com is still </em>


running</a> Solaris 8.</p>

www.microsoft.com is at the opposite end of the product advocacy

spectrum and started </em>


running</a> Windows 2003 last</p>



This is very impressive.  Windows 2003 hasn’t even officially been

released until the end of this month and it’s already out doing Sun’s

Solaris 9 which has been released for almost a full

year.  And there’s people out there who say Microsoft can’t compete :-)</td> </tr> </table>

This made me laff. if you look at the graff, MS have under 30,000 web servers

online running win2k3 server. a lot of them are probably developer boxen and

MS’s own boxen. MS say they have 10k plus of servers. and they also speek of

eating their own dog food. so its posible that 10k of them systems are MS’s own.

Also, if you check out


this site</a> you will laff at the fact that the first 10 or so machines are

running Linux! There owned by Akamai, a content delevery company, but still

funny none the less. anyway, the latest netcraft survay states that 4412129 MS

servers are online. now, Apache with linux or what ever OS (including MS by the

way) could be in there. Linux has Rackspace, with 55%+ of their 7500+ servers

running linux, all of the google servers (about 15000+ servers there ALONE!) and

then theres the rest of the hosting companies running Linux. I still think MS

cant compete as well as linux can. just look at price tag: Redhat 9.0, Free,

Windows 2003 server, ~.500 for a small version. Hmmmm. wonder which one wins

that round?!