Rob Burk has an interesting article on Virtualization, entitled “Life, Virtualized”. Very cool idea, and something i have been thinking about for a while now. I have currently got 3 extreamly decient workstations (The Mac Pro with 2, dual core Xeons, a Dual Opteron, and a Dual Athlon). the Athlons only job in life at the moment is Media center, but, because of the launch of Vista, and the want for 64 bit, i am thinking of getting a new media center (The Optron is nice, but doesent have enough PCI slots for TV cards, or hdd slots…). So, that will leave me with a spare dual proc machine, with more hdd connections then you can shake a stick at (currently got 2 120Gb and an 80gb drive in it, and then external addons could be easy). So, after reading this article, it got me thinking. Currently it only has a Gig of ram, but with some modification (or even purchases) i could up that to 3.5, which is its max (damn 32bit motherboard problems…). mind you, it might cost about a grand to do so (1Gb ECC dimms are nearly 250 quid a peice, and a 512mb is another 100, so…). Hmmmm. Anyway, this will be something to look into soon. Very cool idea, and something i will be watching with interest…. :)