I have been thinking about the new machine for the last while, and i have come up with some info and current prices. The reason im putting in current prices is ill be posting stuff for the next while, and some of these wont be gotten for the next couple of months. i would like to have info on price changes over the next while.

so im getting the board in a few weeks, about 3 or 4. Then to get the chips, should be about 8 weeks for them. the memory will take about 6 weeks and the hard drives about 6 weeks too. Im currently limited in my income, and only saving about €50 or €65 a week. this is why its taking the amount of time. I would also like to get me a new graphics card, mainly cause the old one is quite slow and also its staying in the current machine i have. ill keep the current machine as a Win2k server or a win2k3 server. So getting the new card, ill be looking at dual headed. im thinking of getting 2 17″ monitors like the one on my desk at the moment, and ill have 3 in total. one on the server and 2 on my workstation. now all i need is a bigger desk! :P