Right. when i got the car about a month ago, i though becuase i could leave work and be home in an hour, insted of nearly 3 hours by bus, that i would have more time to play with the computer and do stuff i wanted to do. Well, that day i drove home, and got home 2 hours before i usually would, and then after dinner, i went shopping! because its the only car in the house, and because the daddy dident want to drive to the shops, i had to go! tipical! now, insted of getting home at between half seven and eight after leaving work at about half 4 or 5, and getting about 2 hours of computer time to play with, now im leaving work at about 5, getting home at 6, and getting about 10min of computing time because there are other things to do. Also, on a saturday, im up earlier and out later because of the car. So although i like having the car, i think i would prefer my own car and leave the daddy with his. that way i could get home, not go shopping, or not have to go shopping, and be a lot happier. so, thats my rant for the day.