Remember I was talking about getting a <a href="">laptop</a>?
Well I\’m still looking, but im also wondering about dual Athlon systems. check out <a href=""> this link</a>. They are selling a <a href=" Tiger MP 2460">Tyan Tiger MP 2460</a> Dual Processor Athlon MP Motherboard. Quite a good board, with 32 and 64bit PCI slots, 4 DDR DIMM slots for up to 3Gb DDR memory, and a few other cool things. I reckon I could get both a dual processor system (With
<a href="">2 * 2Gz Athlon MP</a> chips and <a href="">
two 120Gb Western Digital Special Edition hard drives</a>) and also the <a href="">laptop</a> and still have money!!! I like <a href="">getting paid</a> <a href="">to learn</a>!! :P