Ok. When playing with Blue tooth on my Linux box

last night, my system died. Don?t know how. I was installing Ximian</p>

Desktop 2</a> and it was uninstalling loads of stuff, about 500 packages, if I

remember correctly, and the blue tooth thingy crashed. Well I think it was the

blue tooth thingy. Not sure. Anyway, when I restarted I got the screen telling

me the filing system was corrupt. I logged in with the root password, which it

asked me for, and ran a few of them File system checks. One of the partitions

had loads of errors and it seemed to fix them all. I rebooted and then it came

up with the same error. Told it to check the file system again and still no

luck. So I turned off the machine and went to bed. I?m going to install a copy

of winxp or 2k tonight to download a copy of Redhat 9 on ISO and burn it. I

installed from the Internet the last time, and it took about 6 hours or so. So

if I have the CDs it should install quicker! Lets hope so!