the Kaleidescape system is a home entertainment system which is pretty impressive. its also expencive, but thats neither here nor there. anyway, this has 3 seperate parts: the main part is the Server. it can house 3.3Tb of disk storage, which it uses for full quality DVD videos. then we have the movie player which you plug into a network, which by the way the server is connected to, and watch the DVDs that are stored on your server, and last but not least, the DVD Reader which takes your DVDs and copies them to the server. this whole system is pretty impressive. all networked, and expandable. You can have lots of the servers clustered together and have a lot more then 3.3Tb of storage. the site says that 3.3Tb is roughly 500 movies. pretty cool. no mention of music or anything like that. it would be cool if it did that too. i reckon you could build something like this, if you had the time, money, and effort. now that would be fun!