Ok. i just bought some new fans from Peats. I have to mod them slightly to work my system. that mad mulenix connector or what ever, the one for hard drives, is not on it. its just 2 bare wires. so im waiting on a mate of mine to get home. my soldering iorn is kind of dead and im going to borrow his. anyway, there 2 80mm fans. i think. they could be 90. im going to put one at the front, one at the back. and i have one or two more somewhere. if its one, its going at the side as an intake, if its two there will be both at the side. there should be 3 intake fans, not counting the ones cooling the hard drives, and 3 out going fans counting the one in the power supply unit. i may make one of the 4 an other out put fan. anyway, pics are still on my phone and ill post them soon!!!