Im getting really pissed off with junk email and outlook express. mainly outlook express though. the reason is simple. it has no filtering support. I am connected with a load of mailing lists, like the kernel mailing lists, about 40 yahoo groups and a few others. some of which i can and cant get rid of. im going to get yahoo to send me only some of the emails in some of these groups. anyway, the mail part of the problem is amount of emails im getting there are currently 11680 messages in my inbox, 5974 of which are unread. there are 5212 unread emails in the trash bin and a total of 20881. i actually only found that out now so there being deleted as we speek! So i have moved my mail server from my windows box to my linux server, i am in the process of deleting what ever crap email i have and also working on some sort of a mail filter on the server. i found this site (on yolinux) which has some info on setting up a mail server on linux. handy cause it wasent working properly with redhat 8.0.