A few months back I started using WMWifiRouter, which was a very nice piece of software that allows your Windows Mobile device act as a WiFi Router. This allowed me connect to it though the iPod touch, iPhone, Laptop or any other WiFi enabled device. Well now, S60 users can do the same with JoikuSpot. There is some documentation here (PDF link) and a video here on how to get the iPhone talking to it. This is pretty interesting. There are a few more HSDPA enabled S60 devices around, and this would mean faster Internet surfing speeds on all your devices.

Unfortunately, there are some limitations. I know WMWifiRouter only supported one connecting user at a time. Not sure if JoikuSpot will be limited too… the next problem is why cant they build a wireless router into the HSDPA modem anyway? have it act as a USB device as standard, but with the flick of a switch it becomes a Wireless Router? it would make my life a lot easer!

[via JKOnTheRun]