[UPDATED: 2011/10/04] I know this post is very old, but i though i should post that this issue ended up being a problem with a network driver on the machine… The MacPro has a couple on Intel Pro Network cards onboard, so a trip to Intel’s Driver site, a download, and i was good to go… So, if for what ever reason, you are having a simular issue, try the latest network drivers.

In the first installment of my Windows Server 2008 as a Workstation series, i talked about Media and how iTunes needed to work perfectly for me to be happy. Well, Over the last couple of days things could have been better…. I have noticed some interesting things that iTunes 8 has been doing which i am not liking… I have said before that i have the iPhone, iPod touch and Apple TV, and the main things i sync with iTunes being the Apple TV and the iPhone. Well, up until a few days ago, the AppleTV was out of action (well, wasent being used all that often). Then iTunes 8 came out with the HD TV shows, and the Keynote from Tuesday, so i decided to hook up the AppleTV and watch the keynote. All has gone terribly wrong since…

after about 20min (give or take) of the AppleTV being synced with iTunes, W2k8 looses all network connectivity. it only happens with iTunes syncing. I have managed to repro this about 8 or 9 times in the last few days, and it is starting to annoy me a lot, since the only way to get network back is reboot. The machine i am running this on is Mac Pro, and i tried reinstalling iTunes and nothing helps. This really sucks a lot. I have another machine here running 2k8 with Hyper-V and i am going to give that a try, and although i do have a third box running 2k8 and no hyper-v, it is a production box, so that wont be used for testing… Any one else seeing this?

[update] just to note: this did not happen before on the previous version of iTunes (7.7.1?). this seems to be a new thing with 8. Maybe its releated to the BSOD that was happening on Vista?