So, again, like my last post, this is a “live” post. posting as i read it.

Apple has announced that their iTunes store will now have 3 prices for songs. $0.69, $0.99 and $1.29.

they have sold 6 billion songs, and have 10 millions songs in their library.

75 million accounts with Credit Cards…

by the end of this quarter, all 10million songs will be DRM Free. iTunes plus is higher quality (256kb v 128kb). (wondering if i can upgrade my entire library… cheaply)…

today, 8 million of those songs will be DRM Free (i noticed this just a few min ago… a lot of songs and albums are showing this already…)

iTunes wifi store on the iphone, now not just limited to Wifi! Will work over 3G… that starts today.

no idea how the pricing works… based on photos from Engadget, looks like its songs over 6 years old which will be $0.69 but could also be $0.99 and $1.29… and new songs (0-6 years) will be $0.99… very odd… starts April 1 2009…

Thats that for now!

[update] just upgraded 49 songs in my library (including 2 albums) for $11.90. not bad. all now DRM Free! SWEET!