I have been playing with iTunes for windows for a while now and it rocks. you put a cd in the drive, it goes off find the titles and rips it. and fast. i have ripped about 20 cds to AAC and its ripping @ about 8.6 – 11.2 on my machine. one gripe. you can rip from 2 Cd drives at once. im conveting about 30 – 40 albums in total and i put one disc in, iTunes rips that, i put the next one in my dvd dirve and i tunes sees it put wont start ripping till the other one completes. since i have 2 processors and 2 cd rom drives, i think that would be a nice feature. the interface of this thing is sweet. and its quite small. i think theres only 1 dll in the dir, but the exe file weighs in at about 7+mb. pretty sweet. and the CDR works out of the box. i have no CDR software installed yet and it has just burned a data cd with loads of mp3s and aacs for work and it took seconds (well 2 min on my 32X cdr drive). sweet! check it out.