this osnews article has some screen shots of apple’s iTunes for windows which i was taking about in my last post. the reviewer brings up some interesting questions. he has a dual 533 celeron and the resizing of the window is unbaringly slow. im testing it here in work on my P4 1.6Gz and its quite slow for a resize of a window. now, im not sure if its like this at home as i never tested it, but i will and ill report later (machine @ home, for those of you who dont know is a dual athlon 2400+ (2gz chips) with 1gb ram and a 128mb nvidia geforce fx 5200 graphics card). anyway, i posted stuff here, here and here, theres some feedster search results here and russell beattie was talking about it here. im going to put some screen shots of it up soon, and im working on getting my box at home looking like OSX with some cool themes and stuff. ill post pics of that soon too. ohhh, and apple have some sweet things out now and comming soon. Allowance accounts allow you to let your kids download songs from the itunes store. you can give them a certin amount of money and not have to give them your credit card. also, gift certs are handy too. wonder can someone in america give a gift cert to someone somewhere else (non US). i want to get music but it says i need a billing address in the us. since a gift cert would be pre paid, i wouent need a billing address. if it works that way, its my birthday soon! *wink* *wink* :)