I know it sounds like an unlikley combination, but there are screen shots of windows mobile 5 running iTunes. The photos are here, so you can judge for your self, but it could be interesting if it where true. Scoble posted about it here with a link to a place called memorandum with more links. this could be a mixed blessing: its good cause it could sell more Pocket PCs (and maybe even smartphones if it works there) and it could also meen more storage for these devices. it could be a bad thing is a few ways: will it be limited to 100 songs like the iTunes phone? its an other device that has apple DRM on it. it might want people to upgrade to a full iPod insted of keeping the PPC… Lets see if its real first though… [updated] MSMobiles are saying its fake. I have removed direct links from the site, but non direct links are still available.