Ok. I got a demo of windows 2003 server from the microsoft website and installed it on my Athlon 1.3Gz ststem. I gave it 512mb of DDR ram, and a 30Gb hdd. There is an onboard 100mb/s net card and i have a second 100mb/s network card. Both cards are on the same network, but its working grand. So, i installed ISA 2004 BETA 2 on it, which exchange 2003 (both trials) to see what it can do. Now, so far it hasent taken over the roll as Router yet, but it looks like it could! Also, i think i could just plug in a second cable modem and it should see both and start routing traffic where it should go. Which is what i want it to do! So things are looking good. Now all i need is a second cable modem… ohhh and to get exchange working too. Looks like im learning a lot this weekend!