Im just thinking as im surfing through the apple website about iTunes and it got me wondering: have apple realised that they cant beat microsoft and just make apps for windows now? like the .Mac service has some apps for windows now. also, i have been thinking about this “will apple move to intel chips?” and im not sure. Read more:

i would love them to do so, but after the G5 im guessing a minimum would be the Athlon FX or Opteron as they already hit the 64 bit mark with the G5. See, if apple where to release a copy of OSX for either Intel Itanium, Amd Opteron or AMD Athlon FX they would have the market. think about it: this slashdot article says:

Almost two-thirds of respondents to a recent InternetWeek Reader Question said they are dissatisfied with Microsoft software, and 41 percent of respondents are at least thinking about switching away from Microsoft software. Only 28 percent of users responding to the poll described themselves as satisfied Microsoft customers.</p> if there was a commercial offering that was as easy, if not easer then windows to use and also had big companies behind it, it would do well in the market place. i know linux is there, but adobe, macromedia, and microsoft for that matter, havent written software for it. adobe and macromedia have a fair amout of users working on macs and they have good products for macs. microsoft have ofice for the mac and also that virtual pc. (ill put links in later or tomorrow, lazy now!) but although apple would not be selling hardware with this system, it would still rock. apple OSX being based on FreeBSD has access to lots of hardware drivers and different platforms. just checking the FreeBSD site and it says it is “an advanced operating system for x86 compatible, DEC Alpha, IA-64, PC-98 and UltraSPARC® architectures”. thats at least 5 different platforms for apple to work with, and all they really have to do would be a compile of Aqua and their GUI. i know theres a fair amount of stuff they have added to the kernel, but im guessing if they threw enough money at this, it would work.