Im looking at IPv6 at the moment. its pretty cool. only thing i have managed

to do though is get my workstation to ping my server. there the only things i

can get passed. my router also acts as a firewall and i cant get passed it, yet.

Found some interesting sites too:

  • Getting Started with the Microsoft IPv6 Technology</p>

    Preview for Windows 2000</a></li>

    • Freenet 6 page
    • 6bone

      </a></li> </ul>

      Theres probably a lot more, but I haven’t found them yet. Interesting idea

      this IPv6. all devices connected to the internet will have a dedicated IP

      address, and will be connectable to by every other device. you could be able to

      ping your phone, your cooker, or your keys for that matter. no if only you could

      get a GPS server into all them! where’s that bloody remote!