Well, apple has updated the iPod line this morning, and there is a new name for an old classic (no pun intended) and a whole new product.

So, First, the nano. The iPod nano has been updated to include Video. 320X240 display, 6,5mm thin, 4 and 8 gig models, has a new enhanced UI (including Cover Flow) and its pretty interesting. not my cup of tea though.

Next, the iPod Classic. yes, the original iPod is now renamed to Classic. this still has the large HDD (now in 80 and 160Gb models), cheaper ($249 and $349) the new UI and its got a full metal jacket! :) Not sure if the screen is the usual scratch happy plastic, or the newer glass from the iPhone, but, who knows. Battery is impressive: 80Gb model has 30hr audio and 5 hour video, and the 160gb is a staggering 40hr audio and 7hr video!

Now, the one I want to order! the iPod Touch. This is like the iPhone, without the phone. It has WWII, touch screen, Safari browser, and its only 8mm thin! it comes in either 8 or 16 GB editions, has the same 3.5″ display as the iPhone, and with the Wifi connection, you can download music from the iTunes store, wirelessly! one thing i wonder about that: is Video, TV and, most importantly, PodCasts included in this? i didn’t see them in the walk though, but i suppose anything is possible.

Other news: The shuffle now gets a (RED) version, the iPhone drops to $399, gets ring tones and also gets the iTunes Wifi store soon.

Lots of stuff today, but the iPod Touch is important. This now is a big “up yours” from Apple to at&t and the rest of the network providers. no one wants to drop 599 (or 399 now) on an iPod, which is tied into a 12+month contract, and in all fairness to the iPhone, the iPod features are the important part. from what i have read on the interweb, its a pretty basic phone. nothing special, other then the iPod features and the web browser.

Also, the iPod nano looks a bit silly. would you seriously want to watch 5 hours on that thing? and the ring tones? Who in their right mind would be spending money on Ring Tones, and $1.98 at that! I still have the default ring tone on my phone, and why the hell would i want to change it?

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