There is a lot of talk over the last few days, well, months, about the iPhone. it has started a lot more over the last few days since Apple pushed some ads, and also announced the dates of release (June 29th).

Well, first the links:


Zaprudering the iPhone Commercials: email

Zaprudering the iPhone Commercials: Maps

Steve Jobs: iPhone runs “Real OSX”

Engadget and ads confirm iPhone on sale June 29th

Now, there is a post here at 9to5Mac with some “Interesting iPhone developments“. one mentions that it does not have a SIM card slot, so changing SIM card is not possible or easy. In other words, Apple has gotten into bed with the Devil, ie, the carriers. We all knew there was the deal with AT&T, but some assumed because of the high price ($499 and $599) that there was a cheaper subsidized version, and that was the price for the sim free option. but no! That’s the price with a 24 month contract! So, if your Shiny new iPhone contract is a minimum of, say, $40 a month for calls and texts, and $30 for data, your new iPhone will set you back $2279 (if you buy the 8Gb model).

I do, how ever, want to get my hands on one of these, but at that price, i could get a LOT more.

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