its been a hectic couple of days. Some of the highlights are as follows:

I bought an iPhone. I wont go into details about this, but lets say its a little bigger and heavier then I was expecting…

I bought a new Car. on the 12th January I mentioned I was sitting in my “Mobile Office“, a 1996 523i BMW. Well, it got upgraded. That night I found a car on one of the car sales sites, test drove it on the Sunday, Organized money and got the car checked out on Monday and the car was mine on Tuesday. Its a 2000 523i automatic. More on that later.

Last night I ordered an Asus EEE PC 4G from Expansys. This is quite the cheap little laptop, at only 334EUR, and it has 4Gb SSD storage. Once I get my hands on it, I will upgrading the RAM (currently 512mb, upgrading to 2gb) and trying to add storage (it has an SD Card slot and can take USB memory sticks). More on that when I get it.

Finally, and this is something cool, are reporting that Apple has released 64bit Windows Vista support for the newest of Mac Pro machines. One question I have: will mine be supported? My Mac Pro is already running Vista X64, so in reality I wouldn’t need new drivers, but they would come in handy, just in case of performance increases.