Looks like one of my theories has come to fruition, and i was really hoping it wouldent… Engadget are reporting that 3G iPhone activation will be instore only… Either an Apple or AT&T store. No online activation for anyone…

To qute AT&T From the Engadget site:

*“There is no question that many enjoyed the convenience of at-home activation, but we also found that many others wanted to complete purchase and activation in one step so they could walk out of the AT&T store with their iPhone up and running. We have decided to take the latter approach and we think customers will like it. It will be especially helpful if any questions or issues arise during activation. They can be resolved on the spot and in-person.</p>

This is the way our wireless phones have been activated for years and customers have been very happy with it.

And, activation should take just a few minutes.”</em>

In other words, they are moving to this model to stop people from bypassing the activation… Because in reality, who in their right mind wants to talk to a phone sales drone about their contracts? also, this 10-12 min to activate the phone: heh. i can see the queues in any store being around the block, a couple times over!