I am currently watching the iPhone announcement (i dont know why, dont ask), but Steve has just demoed the Random Access Voice Main (RAVM?) and i was thinking: This is not exactly new. Ok, in theory its not available just yet for phones, but Vodafone has support for this. If you are a vodafone ireland customer, you have a email account linked with your phone. if you login to the email account, one of the options online is “Voice and FaxMail”. Here, you can download or listen to your voice mails as MP3s. Now, in theory, if you can get them online, you should in reality be able to get them on your mobile. It has most of the meta data needed (number the voice mail came from, when, etc) so in reality, all you need is some application that downloads these and puts them on your phone. even better, because it downloads the MP3, if you get a particularly funny one (for example, i get stragne voice mails from friends of mine when they go out drinking, complaining that the person in the chipper forgot their chips, but on most occasions, they forgot to actually order chips… its one of those “you had to be there, or at least here the voice mail, type of situations”) you could keep it on your phone, or email it to someone. now its just a matter of working out how to connect to Vodafone’s site and download the MP3s, and your sorted… Hmmmm. time for some “Hacking”!