Windows Powershell is probably one of the coolest things i have seen in a while (except for, maybe, my new air cooler in my room! :) sorry, i had to do that..). but anyway. the things you can get this to do is just amazing. while reading Scott Hanselman’s blog,, i found the following articles and links:
Searching google desktop from Power Shell
Searching Windows Desktop search using Power Shell</a>
using FFMPEG to squish lots of videos using power shell which is not as unusefull as he sugests, as it might be handy for me to use to copy a lot of recorded TV from my MCE for my PSP…
Testing powershell scripts using NUnit which is handy
and finally, and probably one of the handyest:
Powershell, AnknSVN and Subversion. very handy!
Scott even has a podcast episode on the subject here. extreamly cool stuff!
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