this register article talks about the new intel P4 Extream Edition, or EE. It will run @ 3.2Gz, will have 512k L2 Cache and 2Mb L3 Cache (thats the extream part!). they reckon its really a Xeon MP in P4 clothing, but the Xeon MP sells for $4000. dont know how much this one will be, but if its $4000, it will be an Extream price tag too! Hmmmm. wonder can you get 2 of those in a single board? probably only if you buy it as an MP. Its for gamers too. [update @ 10:12] have more. it will have a 800Mhz FSB and will be prices around $740. it is due out in november. OEMs will probably have them in the next 30 days. it will have a wopping 169 Million transisters!