Because half my network runs Linux, and because the other half runs windows, i need a linux box and a windows box on the network for administration, and i need a windows box more because of programming under <a href="">Visual</a>. So, to comprimise, im installing <a href="">Fedora Core 2, Test 1</a>, under <a href="">Virtual PC 2004</a>. I gave it 512mb ram, 16Gb hdd, and its only using one of the cpus. Im installing from ISO, and everything is going grand. i actually picked \”Install Everything\” when installing because it makes life a lot easer!

<img alt="Fedora install" hspace=0 src="" align=baseline border=0>

This Virtual PC 2004 rocks too! i have Longhorn on here, and it runs sweet. So more screen shots when i have this installed fully.