So, sorry for the lack of posts, a few friends of mine got Married (Congrads
to Elaine and Charlie!) and I have been busy with that and stuff. While i was
away, IE7 BETA 2 has
. Now it is available for Both X64 versions of windows and windows
2003 server, as well as XP. Very cool. I installed it a while back, and i love
it. Lots faster then IE6. So, to play with some of the features, i added IE7
search support to the blog. If you have IE7 installed, you should now see the
drop down button at the search bar light up, and when you click, you should see
Tiernans Comms Closet Search with a little asterisk beside it. you can add it as
a provider so you can search with it quickly. VERY Cool! How do you do this? Check this
post by Erik Porter
. Very easy to impliment! :) Good luck!

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