Right. im thinking about stuff over the last while and i want to make money from my sites, as most people do. i want to offer something to my users that would get them tell their friends and also get them to come back. see, at the moment a fair amount of people come back to my site, bit im not too happy with traffic. Anyway, im asking what people want. i know the answer is probably content. but what type? Im a techie at heart so remember that. i could try tutorials in, lets say VB, PHP, SQL or something like that. content will be available online, or you could be able to buy it as a PDF file. just ask! :P or you could ask a question, direct to me. i will try my best to answer. before you do, email the question to me at webmaster [at] lotas-smartman [dot] net and ill reply if i can or cant answer the question. if i can, click this button

</br> and send the payment of EUR7.50. i will reply within a few days with an answer. or if i cant, ill see what i can find. if you are happy with the answer i give, you could send something, maybe not 7.50, but something to my paypal account. thats if you want. You can rent my brain! :P kind of like what Chris Pirillo did before.