Toms hardware reviews IDE to SCSI adapters. Looks like a good idea. This now meens you can have 15 hard drives on a SCSI controler, all 200Gb for the price of 5 143Gb SCSI hdds. Wahoo! 3TB! :) Anyway, it works out cheaper for drives, and also makes the system faster. well in the benchmarks it was the same. Hmmm. Maybe they should have benchmarks against SCSI drives, and maybe have a raid setup? Id get it for cheap raid 5 array of 200gb hard drives. Big server case and 15 of these. or even 2 scsi controlers and 30 of these! 6TB of storage space! Thats a lot of MP3s! :) This is a repost. lost in the original data loss a while back.