Ok. i found a way to recover data yesterday, but when i tried it out, it dident work. i dont know what happened, but it dident restore any of my data. at the moment, the database is running of my workstation. i hope to get it back to the right server over the weekend. i dont know how well that plan will happen. currently suffering from something and i dont know what yet… in other news though, i got my phone unlocked so im now running it on the vodafone network with my bill. pretty cool. i got all the settings, and GPRS (internet) and WAP (over GPRS) work grand but not sure about the MMS stuff just yet. i get a daily MMS alret, which should arrive any minuite now, but untill that arrives i dont know… anyway, other news includes the fact that ads have been added to the RSS feeds. this was a decision i made a while back. i first enabled the full RSS feeds, and when i finally got my feeds moved over to feedburner, i decided to endable the ads. Hopefully this doesent piss to many people off. more updates and stuff over the next few days.