Anyone have any sugestions for getting a NAS (Network Attached Storage) system? There are a few systems around, some of which dont have hdds as standard, like this linksys which takes 2 External USB Drives, and some have upto 4 internal ones, like this Newisys one with upto 2Tb of storage. i have also though of building a dedicated machine to act as a NAS server, since i could start with, lets say, 2 data disks (1 boot drive and 1 CD rom, which is all 4 IDE connections used) and then later, get a larger SATA raid controler, and some larger hdds and bring up the storage that way. if anyonw has any sugestions and recomendations (like if i where to go with a full hardware solution like the linksys, which one, or if i where to build a machine, what specs for processor would be needed) please leave a comment. Thanks!