…but i dident realize that 1.5mb/s for a constant hour is 675mb of data! i am downloading a couple of things at the moment and i am maxing out at 180k/s download. and it has been going for the last hour and a bit. its pretty mad when i think that before it used to take 3+ days constant downloading to get a copy of Redhat, which came on 3 ISO images. now i could do it in about 3 hours. less! i have come a long way from the days of 56k modem. what made me think of this? well, as i siad, i just realized i transfered 600+mb in an hour, and also, thinking that poor Adam Curry has been without bandwidth for a while now. Quick shout out to him though. NTL do good broadband. i did have some technical difficulties with a connection of theirs for about 2 weeks, but techincally it wasent their fault and its the only major problem i have had since i got cable from them comming up to 3 years ago now. So, im going to let this download now for a while, and get to bed. i will try and build the server tomorrow, and over the next week, and try and get it moved back “in house” my next saturday.