I mentioned in

this earlier</p>

post</a> that I was downloading Redhat 9 for the 4th time this week. every time

I have downloaded it, I have to delete it because I haven’t enough space for

anything else. My mother was a copy of it on her computer for the games! I want

to burn a copy of it, but I’m all out of blanks at the moment. so ill probably

install it from over the network. I have not enough space to make a HTTP mirror

for it, that’s why I keep deleting it. I currently have 2.29gb free. I have a

few things that are useless, and I have just deleted them and now have 2.8gb

free. Hmmmm. I’m going to see what else is here. if I remove enough to download

the 3 ISO images (totalling about 1.9gb) and then enough space to extract them

(A further 1.9gb), I can then delete the ISO’s till I get blanks and then

install it on my moms machine over the network. Hmmmm. I hope this works!