I have just found a case for my Phone that i definatly want! Check out InnoPockets
Magnesium case for the O2 XDA2s
. it costs just under $40, is black, which
goes nice with my XDA, fully supports the keyboard (which is nicer then the case
i got with the PDA, which makes me take the phone out to do anything with it,
and just looks cool. it looks the part and i like the fact that the front opens
up and folds down the back to use it as a rest for the device. now all i have to
do is get some money into my credit card and order this thing!

BTW, thanks Josh and Brian from TinyScreenFuls.com. i was listening to
the tinypodcast about you talking about
this and decided to see if they had a case for my XDA. and they do! :)