One of the things I have always wanted to do is GPS Logging and Analysis. I don’t know why, but its something I have always wanted to do. I have a piece of software on my pocket PC, GPS Gate by Franson, which I use sometimes. It has the option of logging all GPS data to a text file for later use. So with this, I recorded quite a lot of log files (about 10mb of files, all text). So, I wanted to be able to parse the data in it, and get some info. The bits of info I wanted where Max Speed, and Average speed. I do want more, like distance traveled per LogFile, etc, but that’s for later. Its very easy, but I just haven’t coded it yet.

So, how do you parse the data? Well, Developer has the following 2 articles: How to Write a GPS application, and Writing your own GPS applications, Part 2. With the help of this, I managed to read all the text files, parse each line, and work out the speed, etc. Very cool stuff. Now, all I need is a dedicated GPS logger… something small that can sit on my dash, get power from the car (cigaret lighter) and takes a memory card….


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