i just found this article over at the Unofficial Apple Web Log showing you how to setup an Linksys NSLU2 with OSX. The NSLU2 is a kind of NAS device, but without the storage built in. it plugs into your network via ethernet and you plug in USB 2 hard drives (up to 2) into it. it will then share them out on your network. Very cool. Now ideally, what would be really cool is to get an external RAID system and use that with this. 2 of them each taking 4 hard drives, and you would be set. 4 400Gb drives in an external Raid 5 array, which works out at roughly 1.2Tb per enclosure, and you plug 2 into this system. 2.4Tb of redundant space on your network. your probably actually better of building your own file server for something like that, but this would be nice for 2 200Gb USB2.0 external drives. i want! :)