Aha! i figured it out. or at least to an extent. works on my phone, but your milage may vary. Well, actually i can just go to ringtoneking.ie, download the mp3 they put up as a demo dont, and put it on my phone, but this is for other tones sites. Go in and select the tone you want to get for your phone. It must support real music for this to work though. Next, get your self a copy of audacity and install it. you may need the LAME MP3 encoder, linked to on the audacity site. open it up and this is where it gets tricky. you have to hit the play button in your browser and the record button in audacity at the same time. or pretty close. save the file as a WAV file or MP3 and then send it to your phone (IR, bluetooth or cable). this is just an idea, but if i get a chance i will explain it more later. pretty cool. For me, i will have to encode my tones as WMA, i think, but my phone could play MP3s. i have to check that out. This Audacity idea works for recording streaming music off the web too, and im going to start using it for podcasting. :) more later.