this guy reckons that this article was written by “former Iraqi Information Minister Muhammed Saeed al-Sahaf to write this one”. but the article is good and very correct. MS has pissed on the chips with them stoping development of IE for non MS Os’s and also making it a part of the OS so there will be no new copies of it available to the public unless they buy windows. so the Browser now costs money. so why should i wait an other 2 or so years for Longhorn, when i can get mozilla, free, open source, working, being developed daily, and the most important part, non crashing? IE is pretty useless now. think about it. If IE crashes, which it does regulary, it takes Explorer with it. If mozilla crashes, which it did about 3 times since i got it, it only kills mozilla. i know i said netscape won the war, or the article says it anyway, but i supose i really mean mozilla.