I found this company.

they offer web hosting on a virtual dedicated server. very nice.Their network

uptime is weird though. 99% in one datacentre, 99.5 in an other and 99.9 in the

best one (Ney York). With 99% uptime, your site could be donw for upto 3.65 days

a year. with 99.5% uptime you can be down for upto 1.825 days a year, and

finally 99.9% uptime allows 0.365 days a year, or 8 hours 45 min 36 Seconds of

downtime a year. I would be looking at the 99% uptime. its cheap (?220 a year)

and has enough stuff. So, now to see if i will get it. Ohhh, and on the subject of hosting companies, im looking at getting my other one back! Ill post more when i know more.