Right. i reinstalled windows xp last night, but couldent access the internet though my LAN. this was becasue i cant find my drivers Cd for my mainboard and therefore cant get my netcard running :( downloaded the drivers in FAS today so when i get home i should be fully up and running. the first thing i did do last night was install Norton Antivirus! the last time one of those damn viruses got me 5 min after i booted. so, this time it cant! hehe. advantage to having no proper net access. “proper net access? i thought you siad you had no LAN access?” i hear you say. well i managed to connect for a few minutes though my phone, but the driver files i wanted to get was 10mb plus and my connection was crawling along @ 9.6Kbits/s. it would have taken 2 and a half hours to download that! anyway, got it in here. hope to be running soon.