Oh my god. im watching a thing on BBC 2 now and its really bloody scary. Its called the day britain stoped. Its about a theoritical day in december that shows you what could happen. there is a train strike, lots of traffic on the roads and not a lot of air traffic controlers. I cant find a website for it. but im watching it and im speachless. thats all i can say. its like its real. its scaring the be-jesus out of me! the only thing i can say is fucking hell!!! sorry for the language, but im running the server and thats all im going to say!! just found the site. here it is. Its really weird. it reminding me of september 11. except its not got the amount of people who where lost in september 11, but the fear, and for longer. if this where to happen, it would be the whole day of madness. september 11 was quite scary but for only 5 or so hours there was a thing of unknown. this is a look back of what could have happened 7 months away. if that makes sence. its mad. sorry if im bringing back memories. its really weird!! just watching this now, and they mention that they though it was a terrorist attack. it wasent it. it was accidental. Oh dear god. this is really scary. Sorry. Its only a fucking TV show!!! FFS. do i actually want to leave this here?