Right. I mentioned last night that i had to turn off the machine because of heat problems. I?m thinking its something mainly to do with my room. Its now partially a small bedroom data centre. I only have one Internet connection, but it?s enough, for now. Anyway, there are 2 large machines up all the time. There is no air conditioning in the room, which can be a problem. I have a window open all the time, but its not working very well if the room is over heating! It?s quite warm in the room all the time. I?m trying to convince my father, who is the only one who needs convincing since my mother just said ask your father, to let me put a hole in the wall behind the computers to allow some heat out. I would be looking to get some sort of a fan with it and a grill. Its not like he?s going to see it! There will be computers in front of it. Ahhh well. If I can convince him, it will be all cool, literally! And while I?m on the subject of data centre, here is a list of machines in the house. Ill have some pics later, but I?m nowhere near them at the moment. I?m in work/FAS/College/what ever its called. Well I suppose its FAS!

Batman: Dual AMD Athlon XP 2400+ (2000Mhz) Modded to MP?s. 1Gb RAM, 30Gb 7200RPM HDD, Windows XP, 100Mb/s network card. Roll on network: Seti Queue server, workstation and development box

Bob: AMD Duron 700Mhz, 256Mb ram, 30Gb 5200RPM HDD, Redhat 8.0, 100Mb/s network card. Roll on network: Web server, mail server, internal file server.

Green puter: AMD Athlon 1.33Gz, 128Mb ram, no hard drive at the moment, some bootable copy of Linux, 100Mb/s onboard network card and a 10Mb/s PCI network card. Roll on network: Seti crunchier. (Not active ATM)

Other box: AMD K6-2 450Mhz, 32mb ram, no hard drive at the moment, some bootable copy of Linux, 10mb/s net card. Roll on network: Was a router, now a Seti crunchier.

Parents computer: Intel PII 266, 128Mb ram, 3Gb HDD, Redhat 9.0, 100Mb/s onboard net card. Roll on network: Parents computer.

Sisters Computer: Intel PII 266, 64MB ram, 3Gb HDD, Windows 98 SE, 100Mb/s onboard network card. Roll on network: Sisters computer runs Seti too.

I have a router, which has 5 internal ports and 1 WAN Port. The WAN Port it connected to my Cable modem, which in turn is connected to my ISP NTL. One of the LAN ports is being used and it is connected to a switch on the network, which is 100mb/s auto-sensing. In total I could have 11 machines on the network, or more with more switches, but 11 is grand now. I?m looking at getting a wireless section on the network, but it wont be for a while till I get a laptop.