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prostoalex writes

"John Markoff and G. Pascal Zachary from The New York Times</p>


take a look at Google</a>, its already dominant position in the

field of Web search and its increasing influence in the field of

Internet advertising. Google is

driving advertisers away from larger advertising venues, like

AOL-TW et al., since (surprise!) people actually pay attention

to relevant text links and are quite annoyed by pop-ups and

similar "innovations". Some interesting data about Google:

number of employees is about 800, number of buildings is 4,

number of servers is 54K, for which there are about 100K

microprocessors and 261K hard drives. This is claimed to be the

largest computing system in the world, and that also raises

barriers for anyone entering the field of Web search – most of

companies out there can only imagine a Beowulf cluster of these,

let alone build them so that the Web searches are delivered

within a second."</i>



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Hmmmm. thats a lot of servers! Last time i heard they have just over 20k of

servers, its now more then doubled! wounder what kind of internet connections,

amount of traffice (in gig/tbs) a day they get, and how big their log file (for

all servers combined) would be a day! mine a week totals about 20mb and thats

only for about 750 – 1000 unique users a day!