A few weeks back my Exchange 2003 server died which left me with very basic email, which is just dog slow, and a pain in the ass to manage. Well, over the weekend, i took the hard drive from the exchange box out, and put it into my workstation, where i backed up the log files to i can restore the exchange server to its original glory, hopefully. but before i do that, i will be trying to recover the system using the Windows 2003 recovery console. hopefully this will work since i dont want to have to reinstall 2003 server, ISA 2004 AND Exchange, and then configure them all. so, i will be trying this tonight. i am taking 512mb of ram out of my workstation (which i will be getting more of soon hopefully) and get this machine back up and running. i want to get HTTPS access to the server too so i can get mail on my Smartphone and Pocket PC. Hopefully if this works i will be getting my email back to normal, hopefully. more later….