Ok, so i just reinstalled my mac, and while downloading updates, etc, i decided to play in the Apple online Store. So far, if i where to purchase what i put in the shopping cart, it would cost me around $40K, and i dident even buy that much. So, thee main thing is a Mac Pro. Dual proc, Dual core 3Gz with 16Gb ram, 4 750Gb internal HDDs, the ATI X1900XT Graphics card and 2 30″ Cinema Displays. there is a fiber card included to allow connection to the 10.5Tb XServe Raid, which comes with most of the extras, a Canon 5D Camera for taking photos, and a Canon HV10 for video. i also through in an Apple TV, just for the laugh, and as i said, the price comes to $39161.90 and its elligable for Free shipping, which is nice! :)