Check out this Anandtech review of the GigaByte i-RAM. Its a PCI card that takes 4 DDR dimms and turns them into a single large SATA drive. the PCI slot is only used for power, so all data is transfered over SATA. interesting review. some things i would like to see in a Revision 2 product: more ram slots: 4Gb seems to be grand in some cases, but not all cases and more would be sweet. Faster RAM: It currently uses DDR200 RAM. Anandtech tested it with PC400 RAM and it worked grand, but faster ram would meen faster data access. larger battery backup: Currenty set at about 14 hours, i can see where you would want a bigger battery! Finally Faster interface: SATA2 is now out, so thats even faster then SATA. I can see this being used in servers, high end workstations, etc. i already want one! :)